The Trump Administration is carrying out a “Regulatory Reform Agenda” aimed at reducing the number of federal regulations – including by eliminating (“repealing” or “rescinding”) many that were issued with an intent to protect or improve public health, safety, the environment, education, and financial well-being.  However, in most cases a federal regulation cannot be repealed or changed unless the Government :

  • informs the public in advance by publishing a description in The Federal Register of what it wants to change and why (called a “Notice”),
  • provides an opportunity for any member of the public to express an opinion about the proposed changes (called a “Comment”)
  • gives consideration to every comment submitted in writing during the time before a specified deadline (called the “public comment period”).

We want to give you the information that will make it easy for you to participate in this process and make your voice heard before final decisions are made affecting us all.   

Our Notice & Comment section contains a more complete explanation of the process and how public comments can have an impact on federal decision making.  Our Topics for Comment section provides links to short descriptions of current proposals to repeal, weaken, or otherwise alter existing regulations.  (The descriptions also include links to the actual Notices, which can be confusing and technical.)  For each topic we provide a summary of what the government proposes to eliminate or change and why, links to additional information that may help you form an opinion and decide whether you want to submit written comments to the government, and simple instructions on how to comment, including a link to the government’s website for submitting electronic comments.

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Current Deregulatory Proposals


Proposed Revision and Replacement of the Clean Water Rule  Read More

Proposed Revision of Carbon Gas Emissions Standards for Coal-fired Electric Power Plants  Read More

Proposed Rules for Schools’ Handling of Allegations and Incidents of Sexual Harassment, Assault, and Discrimination  Read More






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Department of Transportation Recommendations to “Alleviate or Eliminate Actions that Burden Domestic Energy Production”  Read More

EPA Plans to Revise Safety Standards for Agricultural Workers Exposed to or Handling Pesticides  Read More


This Website is for You

Whether or not you believe there may be too many federal regulations, there is no question that regulations play a role in protecting  the health, safety, and well-being of the American Public, and that what is included in federal regulations matters.  if you fear that without regulation corporations and businesses may be able to pursue financial profit to the detriment of their workers, their customers, the public at large, and the environment of our planet; if the prospect of rampant deregulation worries you or you are nervous about what might result from wholesale deconstruction or dismantling of existing regulatory programs; if political rhetoric about destroying a so-called “Administrative State” or “Deep State” concerns you; or if you think federal regulation has gone overboard and that there are good reasons to cut down on federal regulatory requirements and restraints   — this website is intended for you. Whatever your views, we hope you will read, learn, and make your voice heard on regulatory issues. 

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Citizens Comment is a non profit organization with no paid staff.  If you would like to support our mission by lending your expertise or volunteering your time, please see the Volunteer & Support page of this website or send an email to volunteer@citizenscomment.org. If you don’t have time to spare or expertise to share, but approve of our mission and would like to help us succeed, please share this website with your friends and urge them to take a look and begin participating in the Notice and Comment process for federal regulatory actions.


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