Department of Transportation Recommendations for Reducing Regulatory Burdens on Domestic Energy Production

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has transmitted to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Vice President, and other officials of the current Administration, a Report on recommended deregulatory actions to halt or avoid burdens on the use or development of domestic energy resources.

Public Comments on this Report are not invited. However, the document identifies seven particular subject areas in which it can reasonably be assumed that there will be future proposals to alter or eliminate DOT regulations.  When those proposals are published in the Federal Register, and public comment periods are opened on specific regulatory repeals or changes advocated by DOT, this website will summarize those proposals.  In the meantime, the following are issue areas to watch closely for possible future action by DOT:

(1) Requirements for obtaining licenses in deepwater ports for export of oil and liquified natural gas (LNG).

(2) Time intervals for volumetric pressure testing and proof pressure testing of cylinders for transportation of hazardous substances (e.g., propane gas), under cylinder requalification requirements.

(3) Standards for permitting rail transport of liquified natural gas.

(4) Design criteria and limitations on the use of plastic pipe.

(5) Safety and siting standards for small-scale liquified natural gas facilities.

(6) Standards applicable to liquified petroleum gas operations with 100 or less customers.

(7) Population-based location requirements and limitations for gas transmission pipeline facilities.