Volunteer & Support


As a very new organization that is trying to get up-and-running as fast as possible in light of current events, we are looking for volunteers interested in helping with our work.  At present, we have no paid staff and no source of funds other than whatever members of the public may wish to contribute to support our efforts.  We are looking for regulatory subject-matter experts, people with technical, administrative, clerical, and writing skills, fund-raisers, social-media gurus, attorneys, law students, and many other types of volunteers to help us accomplish our goals.  If you have some time and think you might like to join in our work on a volunteer basis, please send an email to volunteer@citizenscomment.org.

Our goal is to provide users of this website with the most accurate, objective, and unbiased information we can about pending proposals to rescind or change regulations.  But regulatory issues are often complicated, and we could use (and would be very appreciative of) your help if you are someone with special knowledge and understanding of a pending or probable federal regulatory repeal or change that the public at large should care about.  If you have expertise relating to a particular regulatory area or proposal and are willing to share that expertise to help us create better content for this website, please contact us by sending an email to volunteer@citizenscomment.org.